Introducing VersaLYTE™: The First Universal Biosensor Analyte Detection Platform.


A patent-pending universal biosensor that has been specifically engineered to produce live (real time) results in the presence of a target analyte with a high degree of sensitivity. The VersaLYTE platform is the first biosensor-based detection platform that is easily and inexpensively adaptable to a universe of analytes, making it a cost effective system for lowering the risk and costs of regulatory compliance.




Each universal biosensor has been specifically engineered with a signal transduction transmembrane pathway comprised of a transducer and a binding protein that binds to a detector molecule.






The universal biosensor can be easily adapted to a number of detector molecules for live detection of numerous analytes, making the platform customizable to any specific regulatory or safety compliance protocol.






When the biosensors attach to the target analyte, the signal transducers aggregate, signaling the reporter protein, Aequorin, to express light.






Patent Pending.