Introducing VersaLYTE™: The First Universal Biosensor Analyte Detection Platform.

Tomorrow’s  Testing  Today. 

The FSC Vision

Fundamental Solutions Corporation (FSC) is a diagnostic testing company that commercializes innovative technologies for the rapid and cost effective detection of a universe of analytes. FSC is currently launching PathONE™, a revolutionary analytical platform comprised of a patented, portable testing device and FSC’s universal biosensor platform. Imagine a diagnostic platform that produces live results and is sensitive, stable and inexpensive.

PathONE™ – Live results for real-time decisions.

FSC’s patented PathONE™ is a portable detection device and test cartridge system designed to work exclusively with FSC’s VersaLYTE™ (patent pending) – a universal biosensor capable of detecting a multitude of analytes from sample to result in less than 5 minutes.

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